SystemWell Ultimate Immunity 45 TAB

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12/case directions: multi-system defense formula for 5 essential aspects of healthy immunity: respiratory, digestive, systemic, circulatory & cellular. For intensive use: take three (3) tablets up to twice daily with water. For daily maintenance: take one (1) to two (2) tablets daily with water. See label for important cautions before use. Serving size: three (3) tablets ingredients: vitamin a 5,000 iu (80% as retinyl acetate, 20% as beta carotene) vitamin c (ascorbic acid) 1 g vitamin d (as ergocalciferol) 200 iu *** zinc (as zinc glycinate chelate) 15 mg selenium (as l-selenomethionine) 25mcg systemic immunity blend: 455 mg echinacea purpurea (stem, leaf, flower) 290 mg; astragalus (root) 100 mg; olive (leaf) 65 mg. Circulatory immunity blend: 350 mg garlic (bulb) 190 mg; cayenne pepper (fruit) 160 mg. Cellular immunity blend: 315 mg ip-6 (inositol hexaphosphate)(from calcium magnesium phytate) 75 mg; maitake (grifola frondosa) mushroom mycelium 60 mg; reishi (ganoderma lucidum) mushroom mycelium 60 mg; shiitake (lentinula edodes) mushroom mycelium 60 mg; yamabushitake (hericium erinaceus) mushroom mycelium 60 mg. ***


(No reviews yet) Write a Review